It was very sad and difficult to say good-bye to Kevin Dorff.  But he had a previous, higher paying commitment writing on a show that got canceled 7 months after it aired.  In any case, it was very tough to not have him be a part of the show, but thankfully, he was replaced by the very funny Mather Zickel.  Welcome Mather, and welcome Rob!

Now enjoy a few more behind the scenes pics.  And for more behind the scenes shots, you can go here: Delocated/52012253855#!/album. php?aid=208279&id=52012253855&ref=mf

No big deal, just kicking back with a starfish necklace.

Just a couple pretend brothers hanging out beneath a pretty sweet sign.

That’s the Jewish hole where the Jewish penis goes.

It’s Jerry Minor sitting in a chair.

Larry Murphy at the decoy picket line.

Behind the scenes with Hammer and Sickle!


Don’t know if people could tell, but Jacob’s t-shirt says “U.S. Out Of My Uterus”.

We tried getting one of those giant, inflatable rats you see at union picket lines, we were going to put a huge ski mask on it. 

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